EPS By-Laws

Chapter One: Establishment and Objectives

Article One: Establishment of the Society

1.1 The Emirates Physiotherapy Society will be established under the umbrella of the Emirates Medical Association, and in accordance with its internal rules and regulations

1.2 Under the title of Emirates Physiotherapy Society, it will be one of the branches springing out of the main association body.

Article Two: Mission of the Society

2.1 The Physiotherapy Society is the principal organization representing the physiotherapy profession. The Society provides leadership and direction, and fosters excellence in practice, education and research. It supports, promotes and advocates the role of physiotherapy as an essential health care component to achieve high standards of health in the UAE.

Article Three: The establishment of the society will aim at achieving the objectives of the association which are:

3.1 The strengthening of ties between its members.

3.2 The support and promotion of the physiotherapy profession in the community and among healthcare professionals in the country.

3.3 The development of standards of practice of physiotherapy in the country.

3.4 The support to participate in the scientific activities of equivalent health organizations in the field of physiotherapy.

3.5 The strengthening of relations between this society and other societies affiliated to the association.

3.6 The promotion of professional development activities among its members through the organization of scientific seminars, congresses, workshops etc. in the field of physiotherapy.

3.7 The development of relationships with the relevant authorities to further regulate the practice of physiotherapy in the country.

Article four: Scope of the Society

The society undertakes to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Emirates Medical Association and the decisions issued by its board of management.

Chapter two: Membership

Article Five: Pre-Requisite Conditions for Membership Eligibility

5.1. Members of the Emirates Physiotherapy Society must be a member of the Emirates Medical Association.

5.2 Members of the Emirates Physiotherapy Society must abide by the basic bylaws of the association, in addition to the internal rules and regulations of the society itself.

5.3 The member must be a physiotherapist working within the scope of a health-related field.

Article Six: Membership Categories:

6.1. Active Member

6.1.1 Members who graduated from a physiotherapy education program which is equivalent to a bachelor degree and approved by the society.

6.2 Associate Member

6.2.1 Members who graduated from a recognized physiotherapy education program less than a bachelor degree and approved by the society.

6.2.2. Undergraduate physiotherapy students.

6.3 Honorary Member

Individuals to whom the society decides to grant honorary membership on the basis of their special contribution or their senior position in the field of physiotherapy.

Article Seven: Members Rights and Entitlements:

7.1 To use the membership privilege to represent the society and speak on its behalf at congresses and meetings.

7.2. To attend, express opinion and vote during the society’s general assembly sessions.

7.3 To apply for and be elected as member of the society managing board (this right is restricted however to active members).

7.4 To be eligible to serve as member/ chair of committees.

7.5 To use the initials of M.E. P.S. after ones name.

Article eight: Member’s Duties

8.1 To direct his/her effort towards achievement of the society’s objectives.

8.2 To commit his/ her self to the society bylaws and all other management board decisions.

8.3 To pay the annual membership fees on time.

Article Nine: Termination of the society membership

9.1 Upon termination of membership to the Emirates Medical Association

9.2. Upon resignation from the Society

9.3 Upon violation by the member of any condition stipulated in article five of the Society bylaw. The exclusion of the society membership must be decided by majority voting of the members of the society management board.

Article Ten: Society General Assembly

10.1 The society general assembly will consist of all active and associate members who hold a valid membership in the Emirates Medical Association.

10.2 The ordinary session of the society general assembly will take place in the first quarter of each year. The invitations for eligible members to attend must be sent at least two weeks prior to the general assembly date, and must indicate the time and place of the meeting. Along with the invitation, the agenda must be sent to every eligible member.

The society will notify the association’s board of management through the chairman of the Cultural Committee of the venue of the society’s general assembly.

10.3 An extraordinary session of the society’s general assembly can be called by the association board of management or by the association Cultural Committee or by the society managing board or upon the request of one third of the active members of the society. The extraordinary session will be held provided the Managing Board of the Society is notified of the purpose two weeks prior to the scheduled date of the general assembly, and the agenda of the assembly is submitted.

10.4 One ordinary session of the society general assembly will be held within a period not exceeding one month following the result of the election of the Association’s Board of Management, in order to proceed with the submission of applications and the election of the members of the Society’s managing board.

10.5. General assembly sessions of the society must be attended by the chairperson of the Society and the chairman of the cultural committee, or his deputy, in order to monitor the effectiveness of the meeting and supervise the procedures related to applications and elections.

Chapter Three: Society Managing Board

Article eleven: